LansIngerland; inventing ideas for culture in Lansingerland during PowerLabs

brainstorming or working session in which new proposals for collaborations arose.The participants presented their ideas during the expert meetings, with Powerboat supporting them. Together with the experts, they took the ideas to a higher level. Networks were expanded, young people were involved in the plans and a Sing-a-long was realized. Do you want us to organize Powerlabs at your organization? Send us a message.

Photographer Erno Wientjens

In ‘De Cultuurfabriek’ (the culture factory), people sang and danced, built and consulted, discussed and collaborated during the Powerlabs Lansingerland. During the kick-off, various people were invited with diverse experience, expertise, function and background. Under the leadership of the Powerboat method, they entered the first Powerlab to come up with new ideas for culture in Lansingerland. Powerboat stimulated the participants to provoke reactions. The responses from the participants provided a lot of information that was read and observed. Powerboat guided and led the participants towards a