RUIS; noise is everywhere. sound, image, people. SHOULD IT BE MINIMIZED OR Nurtured? THE BEAUTY OF INFULFULNESS.

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In the Rotterdam performances you could, in addition to dining, also get a combi ticket for the CODE_DECODE show by Blekdog. A dance performance about expectations that every person must meet. The dancers were driven by a sound source that was mounted on the belly.

RUIS is more than a performance. It is an evening where people walk around, surrounded by images and sound and where all the senses are stimulated. A mix of theater, design, music and new media.

We wanted to show the beauty of noise in the show, the dinner in advance and the exhibition in the foyer. Making it feel that noise is not a jammer but a necessary element to bring movement, wonder and energy. That it frees you from the beaten track and gives you room to discover new things.

Idea and text: Bas Kortmann and Fokka Deelen, Performance: Wendell jaspers and Fokka Deelen, Production: Buro Fris and Marieke van Gool, Sound: Ard Jansen, Video: Rob Donkers, Dinner: Marije Vogelzang, Exhibition: Margot Anouschek