glass; We are made of glass: so clear, transparent and fragile.

CITY STAGE is an intervention project that ran parallel to the performance. Young people, from ± 14 to 18 years old, received a workshop on physical privacy. During the workshop, they made a brief intervention in the public space that explored the boundaries of privacy. They had to see the camera as a security camera. The intervention / action had to be aimed at the guard viewing the images from the surveillance camera. Stimulate him, provoke him, pass on a message, etc ..

Idea and text: Bas kortmann and Fokka Deelen, Game: Afke Weltevreden, Thomas Boer and Fokka Deelen, Design: Bas Kortmann and Marcel Pot.

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GLASS is a performance about the privacy of secrets, thoughts and dreams. Our body is constantly monitored, monitored and analyzed. That privacy no longer exists. We still had the privacy of our brains. The latter limit is exceeded by new technology from the E-Vitro company that makes it possible to scan the visual cortex and extract the images from it.

E-Vitro produces a revolutionary, portable brain scanner. This device is demonstrated in the show while the audience is participating in a brainwave experiment. With this you can make memories and dreams visible. Through this scanner you come in contact with yourself. You communicate with others via the headset and you discover what they dream and want. E-Vitro offers you a world without secrets.